North Carolina Field Hockey Association

NCFHA Independent Members

W. A. Hough High School

Coach -   Allison Mashburn 

AD - Masanori Toguchi, Jr

The NCFHA has instituted an independent membership in order to promote the growth of field hockey and help the association’s desire to ultimately have field hockey become a sanctioned NCHSAA sport by growing the number of teams state-wide. The name independent refers to the programs unaffiliated conference status in our league. Independent teams are not eligible for the post season tournament play or player awards.

The independent membership is designed for new programs that are ready for the challenge of playing stronger competition, but may not be ready to join the NCHFA as full members due to our association’s limitations. One of our primary limitations is finding the appropriate conference for a new team as much of our association struggles with game travel. We must be able to make decisions about conferences for teams at our annual meeting, which is held in Jan/Feb of each year. Being an independent member allows teams to still compete in our league, but they are not in a conference and not eligible for post season play. 


The independent membership is designed and intended to have the following path to NCFHA membership:

Year 1: Varsity team that plays only a JV schedule. Teams must confirm this status by communicating with the NCFHA President, and paying $75 in dues, by May 1.

Year 2: Varsity team that plays Varsity games within the NCFHA. These games count toward regular season game totals for all league members, but each individual member team is only allowed to schedule two games against independent members. Teams must confirm this status by communicating with the NCFHA President, and paying $75 in dues, by May 1.

Year 3: Varsity team, assigned a conference and full league member. Teams must communicate this status to the NCFHA President by January 15. Membership dues are $150.

Independent Members:

  • Must pay dues to the NCFHA.
  • Are expected to follow all NCHSAA rules as NCFHA members. This includes:
    • Following NFHS uniform standards, or obtaining approval from the opposing team in advance of the game if uniforms are not up to standard.
    • Providing a safe competition environment when hosting games:
      • regulation size field with properly painted and visible lines
      • goal cages 
      • level playing field with playable length grass or turf
      • provide water & injury ice for home and away teams
      • provide school athletic trainer and/or EMT on site during competition
      • approval required ahead of time from the opponent coach if unable to meet requirements 
  • Are expected to follow all NCFHA mandates (attend annual meeting & rules clinics, adhere to bylaws, etc.)
  • Will receive all email communications from the NCFHA.